A Cosmetic Dentist name Dr. Muyal Treats Gum Immflamation with Arestin

Do you suffer from gum inflamation? Many adults do. Such inflammation can range from mild, to severe. Gum imflammation can damage your soft tissue requiring urgen treatment by your dental professional.

Doctor Muyal, a cosmetic dentist in Toronto, can be your dental professional. Dr. Muyal has remedies, one with an antibiotic called Arestin. This antibiotic will relieve the pain and discomfort you might experience and start healing.

If you require such treatment, Dr. Muyal will administer this antibiotic to your gum line, and you will notice relief within a few days.

If your gums are puffy and bleed easily, let Dr. Muyal assess your condition. Fill out the Patient's Appointment Request Form on your computer, iPad or Smartphone.

You may also call Dr. Muyal's dental care office during our business hours. You have a choice of two dental offices: One in the West End of Toronto and the other dental care in Thornhill, Ontario.