All Ceramic Crowns from Cosmetic Dentist Name Dr. Muyal!

Frames 1, 3 show the condition of upper front teeth (incisors) after the removal of all damaged structure. Frames 2, 4 show all ceramic (Emax®) crowns in place there are more than one variety of all ceramic crown materials available for use, depending on the patient's requirements.

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Crowns - Before - Case - 1

When a client requests an improved appearance of the upper front teeth, or the teeth are heavily discolored or broken; the use of all ceramic crowns, is the treatment of choice.

 Emax Crown - After photo

Ceramic Crowns - After - Case - 1

Here we have teeth restored using a new ceramic material called E-Max®

Ceramic Crown Before Photo

Ceramic Crowns - Before - Case 1

This image is another view of the Case 1 featured above.

Ceramic Crowns After Photo

Ceramic Crowns - After - Case 1

Another view of - After - Case 1 .

A Fructured Front Tooth Incisor

1. Emax All Ceramic Crown Before

A fructured front tooth (incisor).

Emax All Ceramic Crown In Place

2. Emax All Ceramic Crown After

Emax All Ceramic Crown in Place. These crowns have a great ability to match shade and color!

Screw Retained Implant Crown

7. Screw Retained Implant Crown

An implant is a substitute for the rooth of the tooth. It is used to retain a new tooth crown; this can be done by cementing to the implant or, as in pics 7 - 8, by using a screw to join the ceramic crown to the implant.

Emax Crown To Be Placed

9. Emax Crown to be placed

E-max crown to be placed.

Emax Crowns In Place

10. Emax Crowns in Place

E-max crown in place

Emax Crown Case 4 Before

Emax Crown - Case 4 - Before

The upper left lateral incisor was discolored and carious (had cavities).

Emax Crown Case 4 After

Emax Crown - Case 4 - After

An all ceramic crown was fitted and cemented in place by a bonding technique using a resin cement.

Emax Crown - Case 5 - Before

Emax Crowns for patient.

Emax Crown After Delivery to Patients Mouth

Emax Crown - Case 5 - After

Emax crowns after delivery to patient's mouth.

White Hollywood Shade of All Ceramic Crowns

Emax Crown - Case 5 - Before

The broken down, worn down teeth for this patient, were revitalized using all ceramic crowns. Patient selected a very white " Hollywood " shade of color.

5. EMA Crowns

Beatiful results with ceramic crowns!

6. EMA crowns

A young middle aged South Asian lady with a heavily discolored front tooth, was amazed by the life-like color of her new crown.