Periodontal Maintenance with Cosmetic Dentist Name Dr. Muyal

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance and Periodontitis Prevention

Why is a good periodontal maintenance essential to your oral health?

The opposite of good periodontal maintenance is a periodontal neglect. More people suffer from periodontal negligence. Why is that? Is it due to a lack of proper instructions, or are we too busy to take care of ourselves?

At Dr. Muyal & Associates dental care, we do our best with our patients to reverse the trend.
How do you clean your teeth? It can take a real lesson to teach somebody about it. Dental hygienists are well qualified to teach you about it. Should you use an electric toothbrush and which one.
To get proper consultation and instruction, make an appointment for dental cleaning with our dental hygienists.
Start of periodontal disease can manifest itself as a halitosis, an unpleasant odor from your teeth.
Do you suffer from Tartar and Plaque on your teeth?
Even with the proper dental brushing and daily flossing, Tartat and Plaque will build-up above the gum lines and grow up your teeth. Regular dental cleaning will remove tartar and plaque and prevent infections from occuring in your mouth.

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