Steps of Dental Implants Process and the Costs with Cosmetic Dentist name Dr. Muyal!

  • Dental Implants Sites in the Mouth
  • Crowns Need to Emerge Through the Tissue
  • Abutment Made by the Lab
  • Final Crowns in Place

Animation of Steps of Dental Implants Process and the Cost Explained.

Animated Dental Implant explains visibly and with our complete textual description outlines all Steps of the Dental Implant Process for prospective patients.

Prospective patients should submit their secure health questionnaire form online before their first consultation visit with Dr. Muyal to allow a cosmetic dentist to assess the cost appropriately.

The $ cost of dental implants is always the first item on the mind of every prospective patient. Muyal Dentistry is an affordable cosmetic dentistry in Toronto and Thornhill.

Each cosmetic dentistry or dental implant case is unique to every patient. The dental office can't quote the $ costs over the phone nor make it available from the cosmetic dental website. Dr. Muyal can establish a $ workable budget for every patient during your first visit to our Toronto or Thornhill dental office.

You might have a broken teeth with rooths remaining in the gums. Dr. Muyal will remove all remains of the roots. Empty socket to hold the tooth will be placed in the jaw bone. Sometimes a bone graft has to be put in the bone to help the healing process.

See our illustration of such implant process and also actual dental implants photograps.

For some patients, a bridge mayber be a good solution. For others, the better solution is a single tooth implant.

The dental implantation process involves few steps:

First, the tooth must be pulled if it hasn't already been removed. Then, the empty socket in the jaw must close up and heal properly. A bone graft can be provided to help speed the rate of healing. Once the jaw bone is healed, the implant can then be put into place. It may take several weeks for the bone to bond and fuse with the implant.

When it happens, dental implants professional Dr. Muyal will place a post to connect the implant tooth with your bone. Dr. Muyal will show you the tooth and select the shape and color to match rest of your natuaral teeth. Your new dental implanted tooth should not be recognizable from your other teeth and can last a lifetime.

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